Akberali Manji: Reclusive Family That Founded Super Loaf in Their Home Bakery

Ezra Manyibe | 2 weeks ago
File image of the Akberali Manji Family, Habib and his wife Nurzakhanu. |Photo| Courtesy|

Super Loaf is among the most popular bread brands in Kenya. It was founded by the humble family of Akberali Habib Manji and his wife Nurzakhanu Akberali Manji.

The company boasts national distribution and is available to customers in almost all urban centres in the country.

Before the Manji family set up their business at Port Reitz in Mombasa, they used their home bakery to make the bread.

Nurzakhanu and her husband Akberali ran the business before their three sons joined the ranks.

The Manji Family founded Mini Bakeries in 1983 to produce and distribute bread across the country. The company has since expanded to Uganda and Tanzania.

Mini Bakeries has employed over 3000 people including distributors and vendors.

Supa Loaf aside from becoming a regional brand won the Super Brand Awards in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2011.

According to media reports, the company sells over 2 million slices of bread a year.

Akberali Manji is also the owner of Butali Sugar Mills, Island Paradise Inn, and Akiyda Bakeries.

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