Lerruat Log Resort: How Reclusive Family Turned Kajiado Home Into a Multi-Million Resort

Ezra Manyibe | 2 weeks ago
Collage image of the Lerruat Log Resort. |Photo| Courtesy|

The Lerruat Log Resort is among the best resorts in the country. The getaway destination tops the list for most people in Nairobi trying to escape a tiresome daily routine.

Tucked away in the hills of Kajiado, Lerruat was built in 2015 -  first as a holiday home. In a YouTube interview with popular Nigerian travel vlogger Wode Maya, the resort's manager Diana revealed that her mother wanted the home for herself and her grandchildren.

When the home was completed, Diana's friends and family began to frequent and sometimes offered her money for the inconvenience caused.

Diana soon began to entertain the idea of opening up the home to more people.

Her mother began to expand the home as the number of clients who frequented the lodge grew. They were all attracted by the spectacular view of the lodge's surrounding environment.

Diana's mother first opened the lodge to strangers in 2015 with an initial 12 rooms. Lerruat now has 16 standard rooms, 18 deluxe rooms, six family rooms, two special rooms for the physically challenged and four executive suites. 

“We’ve gotten to 50 rooms within three years…but we got a lot of support from families. It so easy to be discouraged, because you’re constructing on top of a hill people can ask you ‘what are you thinking?’

“The major challenge was finances, but we had partners and banks which came through and supported us,” she stated.

The buildings borrow from Swiss Alps architecture.

"The architecture was inspired by cabins. We liked how cabins looked in Switzerland, especially those on top of mountains. We borrowed from that to build what we have here," Diana says.

Patrons at the lodge are treated to nature walks, massages in the bush, picnics and hikes. The resort also has excellent meeting and conferencing facilities.

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